Specialist Charity Independent Examinations

Charity Independent Examinations

An independent examination is a simpler form of external scrutiny than an audit, but it still provides trustees and funders with an assurance that the charity’s accounts have been reviewed by an independent person. Currently an independent examination is required by the Charities Act when the income of the charity is less than £500,000 but more than £25,000 (providing your governing document does not require you to have an audit). If the charity’s income is more than £500,000, then an audit is required. There is a special case that when the charity’s income is more than £250,000 and its assets are more than £3.26 million, an audit will still be required.


Charity Accounting and Examination advice

Because we are familiar with the Charity Commission guidance and directions on independent examinations, we can provide you with a timely and effective service. Each independent examination we undertake is tailored to the particular circumstances of the charity making the process highly efficient. We often find ourselves informing and helping charity trustees to fulfil their responsibilities. Getting to know the charity and understanding the financial risks to which it is exposed is an essential part of the work we do as independent examiners. Although not part of the independent examination, you can use our expertise to prepare your accounts in compliance with the Statement of Recommended Practice for Charities and statutory obligations.

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